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Limited Quantities Available: Get Your Site FULLY VERIFIED, OPTIMIZED & LISTED in Relevant Local 3-Packs on Google My Business

What Is Google My Business?


Ever searched for a restaurant, painter, landscaper or doctor on Google and included either your town or the phrase “NEAR ME”?

You may have noticed that in addition to the pay per click listings and the normal organic listings, there is also what is called a Local 3-Pack which is powered from Google My Business. This local 3-Pack provides the most relevant local options related to your query, and trust us, the Local 3-Pack gets a TON OF CLICKS. To truly dominate your niche, you have to dominate your Local 3-Pack.

Easier said than done. Google My Business has its own set of rules and verifications that makes it very difficult for businesses to penetrate their Local 3-Pack. That is, UNTIL NOW.

Every GMB Power Listing Order Includes:


At One Click, we understand the power of GMB and the Local 3-Pack.. Your website’s future may literally depend on it! That’s why you’ll get all of the following with every order:

Gmail Creation, GMB Listing Creation & VERIFICATION

Keyword Optimization for a true DFM Experience
100% Verified and Active GMB Listing From Start to Finish
14 Days Guaranteed


5 Verified GMB Reviews from seasoned accounts optimized to boost rankings and credibility, added over a series of weeks to ensure compliance.
Access to “The Top 4 GMB Ranking Factors for 2022” Video Replay including top local ranking factors helping you get to the top of your Local 3-pack with ease. Amazing training for you and your entire team.
100 DFY High Quality Citations with keyword in the URL and Title Tag (where possible). Mixed NAP Citations and some DA 20+ DoFollow Backlinks.
Ingrid’s EXCLUSIVE Secret Sauce Video including Geo-Graphic and Hyper Local Optimization with 2 Unique Bonuses!

Guaranteed GMB Listing for Your Business


Verified & Optimized


Be Live on GMB in 2-3 Weeks or Less


Dominante Your Local 3-Pack


Maximize your Search Traffic


Dominate Your Local 3-Pack Today





1 DFY GMB Listing


Includes Listing Creation and Verification


Includes Keyword Optimization for a truly DFY service


100% Verified and Active GMB Listing From Start to Finish


14 Days Guaranteed / Replacement





1 DFY GMB Listing in Ranked


5 GMB Reviews


Live Reviews from Seasoned Accounts


Boosts Rankings and Credibility


Dripped out over several weeks


Strategic Keyword Placement for Maximum Rankings


“The Top 4 GMB Ranking Factors for 2022” Video Replay


Shows you the TOP Local Ranking Factors


Get your GMB to the top with ease


Video Training You Can Share With Your Team





1 DFY GMB Listing in Ranked


7 GMB Reviews in Banked


“The Top 4 GMB Ranking Factors for 2022” Video Replay in Banked


100 DFY High Quality Citations


Yellow pages, etc.


Keyword in the URL and Title Tag when possible


DoFollow and NoFollow


Mixed NAP Citations with some DA 20+ DoFollow Backlinks


Ingrid’s Secret Sauce Video


Geo-Graphic and Hyper Local Optimization


Bonus 2


Bonus 3

Expedited Customer Support

GMB Guaranteed for 14 Days

Full DFY Solution

Get Listed in Your Local 3-Pack on GMB Today.

Order Now!


Question: How long is my GMB listing guaranteed?

Answer: GMB is guaranteed for at least 14 days. While most listings will be up for many years with our optimization and validation service, there are too many factors outside of our control, including users modifying listings and violating GMB policies to guarantee any longer. What we are offering you is the guarantee to have a verified and optimized GMB listing for your business.

Question: How long will it take for my listing to be live?

Answer: The GMB listing will be live within 2-3 weeks

Question: Do I have to use the service right away?

Answer: No! You can buy it now and use it whenever you need it. You can even buy more than 1 and save them for you or your clients.

Question: Why can’t I edit my GMB Profile?

Answer: It’s your listing, you can do as you please but GMB is a sensitive product. Please don’t edit NAP, website URL, don’t add service areas, don’t add secondary categories, don’t secondary phone number, don’t add business description: give it to us and we will add it for you when we create the GMB.

Question: Any recommendations for top performance?

Answer: It is best to have Brand Business Name (eg. Jim’s Tree Service).
You can have full keyword in Business Name, but keep in mind that this increases the chances of suspension as Google is increasingly cracking down on EMD and PMD GMBs

Eg. You should have “Word + KW + City”
For example: Las Vegas Pool Cleaner Pros or Ace Plumbers or Ace Plumbers of Chicago, but chances of google suspension filters are higher

Don’t do ‘Plumber Chicago’ ideally

Question: Do I need to have a business phone number?

Answer: Yes, but for a variety of reasons, we may request a new phone number for you. After purchasing we will review each instance uniquely.

Question: Any niches or categories you won’t work with?

Answer: Unfortunately yes. There are some niches that Google has identified as a high risk of SPAM and we will not be able to support the following:

  • Locksmith
  • Garage door
  • Rehab
  • addiction
  • Towing
  • Plumbing
  • Non-US GMBs

The following are sensitive topics, but we can support but may require additional information to get your listing live.
Insurance – sr22 (auto insurance, insurance company)

Question: Anything else to keep in mind?

Answer: !!! Please do not log into your GMB or change anything if you do not need to as it is sensitive and fragile!!!! Your listing has already been optimized and should not require anything of you for a truly DFY service!

Answer: It’s good to update your listing with pictures or posts, but keep everything in moderation. If your behavior is inconsistent with normal local business practices, it may be flagged as SPAM

Please Note: Your GMB is a sensitive product. Please refrain from logging in unless absolutely necessary. This service may not be available in the future.



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